Known for the eponymous river that meanders from the Coral Sea through the city, Brisbane is a gorgeous and vibrant expat destination.

One of Australia's biggest cities, it has a rapidly expanding population of close to 2.5 million and is home to a significant expat population from all over the world, including New Zealand, the UK, China, India and South Africa.

Living in Brisbane as an expat

Brisbane is a laid-back city with an assortment of interesting and lively areas. While the centre is fairly compact, the suburbs sprawl outwards in all directions, offering wide-open spaces for outdoor entertainment. If expats should tire of their immediate surroundings though, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast are great weekend getaway spots.

As one would expect from a growing city, the economy is ever-expanding and expats should be able to find work in Brisbane fairly easily. Some of the main industries include IT, finance, administration, education and construction.

There’s an extensive public transport network in Brisbane, which includes buses, trains, ferries and taxis. The TransLink system also makes things convenient for those regularly using public transport. While cycling and walking are possibly in the compact city centre, driving in Brisbane can be a hassle, particularly during peak hours.

Cost of living in Brisbane

The general cost of living in Brisbane is lower than in other major Australian cities, though the influx of expats has contributed to a steady rise in prices. Still, the cost of accommodation in Brisbane is far lower than that of other major Australian cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. Brisbane’s public transport may be efficient, but it is also pricey. Expats looking to commute may want to look into a GoCard.

Expat families and children

Expats moving to Brisbane will be happy to hear that the city offers excellent free public schooling for residents and locals. Parents also have the choice of non-government Catholic schools and other independent schools. There are a couple of international schools in the city, but these only offer the International Baccalaureate, and they are expensive.

Families can also rest assured that the city’s healthcare is excellent, and the universal healthcare system, Medicare, is available to any residents or locals.

Expat families looking for a break are in luck. Many interesting activities can offer respite from the week’s work, and nature buffs have multiple opportunities to get out and enjoy the fresh air. A multitude of museums and art galleries can entertain those interested in intellectual pursuits, while active types can find myriad adrenaline-packed activities.

Climate in Brisbane

The city's lovely subtropical climate means expats will have little trouble adjusting to the weather in Brisbane. Mild summers and winters leave a lot of time for activities all year.

With a large and inviting expat community, plenty of entertainment, good schools and a laid-back lifestyle, Brisbane is increasingly the expat destination of choice for families from all over the world.

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