Perth is an extremely popular expat destination. The incredible scenery, great healthcare system and well-established public transport are just a few of the perks of living in this city. But, as with any city, Perth has got its ups and downs. Here is a list of pros and cons of moving to Perth

Cost of living in Perth

+ Pro: High standard of living

Expats in Australia generally enjoy a high standard of living and usually earn good salaries, particularly if their field of expertise is in high demand. This allows them to afford pricey accommodation and other luxuries.

- Con: High cost of living

Although not as expensive as other Australian cities, the cost of living in Perth is above average. In fact, Perth is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. As mentioned though, high salaries usually offset this.

Lifestyle and Culture in Perth

+ Pro: Large expat community

With a third of the population of Perth born outside of Australia, it’s generally easy for expats to meet and befriend fellow expats. Aussies are also a friendly and welcoming bunch, and any expats embracing the local culture will find themselves being considered an honorary Aussie in no time.

+ Pro: Great weather

Perth’s warm and sunny climate is definitely one of its major drawcards. Although the summer months can get rather hot, the ocean breeze offsets the stifling heat that can make some of Australia’s other major cities unbearable at times. Lasting only three months of the year, winters in Perth can be chilly, but never so cold as to be unpleasant.

+ Pro: Stunning beaches and scenery

As well as boasting some of the county’s most beautiful beaches, Perth is surrounded by national parks and wineries that are well worth a visit. The best part? Most of these scenic spots are only a 10-minute drive from the city centre.

- Con: The city is rather isolated

Although Aussies living in Perth have a great lifestyle with plenty to see and do, it is one of the most isolated cities in the world, in terms of its location. This may make people feel somewhat disconnected from the rest of the country, as even a ‘quick trip’ to Sydney requires a four-hour flight.

Healthcare in Perth

+ Pro: Quality Healthcare

Perth has a high-quality healthcare system, with both private and public cutting-edge facilities that are well-resourced and efficient. Medicare, a tax-funded public insurance programme, affords accessible – if not free – healthcare for all people, regardless of their income.

- Con: Long waits for hospital procedures

Despite the efficiency of the hospitals in Perth, expats may experience long waiting times for medical procedures, which can be quite frustrating.

Getting around in Perth

+ Pro: Public transport is reliable and affordable

Expats living near a train station or a bus stop will have no problem getting around the city. Public transport in Perth is reliable and inexpensive.

- Con: Certain areas hard to reach without a car

Although the public transport system in Perth is good, it does not reach every corner of the city, which can make getting around without a car hard for people living in the outlying areas. Although taxi services and Uber do run in Perth, they are a lot more expensive than taking the bus or a train.

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