Expats will find a range of high-quality modern accommodation in Eindhoven. Although housing may be smaller than some expats are used to, it’s generally clean and well maintained.

When searching for accommodation in Eindhoven, expats should consider access to public transport and the proximity to work and schools. Nevertheless, most places, especially within the city centre, are within easy walking distance.

Types of accommodation in Eindhoven

Both social and private housing can be rented in Eindhoven. Social housing comes at subsidised rates; however, expats must join a housing queue and meet specific criteria. Waiting lists are generally long, so the quickest and best bet is to rent privately.


Apartments are one of the most common types of property in Eindhoven, particularly in the inner city. Young professionals and students usually look for flats in Eindhoven. Newcomers should note that, as with other major Dutch cities, the more centrally located the accommodation, the higher the rental price.


Expats on a budget can save by renting a room, usually in an apartment shared by other flatmates. This will substantially reduce the cost of living in Eindhoven and is a popular way in which new arrivals, particularly students, secure affordable housing.


Standalone, semi-detached and terraced houses are also available on the property market. The smaller villages surrounding Eindhoven generally offer more spacious living with detached houses and gardens, and are popular with expat families.

Furnished vs unfurnished

Both furnished (gemeubileerd) and unfurnished (kaal) properties are available. Unfurnished options often don’t have carpets or light fittings, but they may have some basic appliances such as a stove. This is often preferred by expats staying in Eindhoven for the long term as they will have greater freedom in terms of home decor.

New arrivals who only plan to stay a few months tend to opt for furnished accommodation, which also comes at a higher price. It's also worth establishing a detailed itinerary of all the furniture when signing a lease agreement.

Finding accommodation in Eindhoven

Expats can search for accommodation using online property portals and local newspapers. Websites such as IamExpat Media, Engel & Völkers and Pararius will be greatly beneficial when house hunting in Eindhoven. These listings also alert prospective tenants to the rental costs they can expect living in different areas and suburbs of the city.

If expats don't speak Dutch, the language barrier can be a problem and it's usually best to hire a real-estate agent (makelaar). Real-estate professionals may also have access to listings that are not yet officially on the housing market, so expats may score a better deal going through this route.

Many prospective expats reach out through social media networks when looking for accommodation in Eindhoven. Posting a question on an expat forum or group may provide more direct access with landlords who are looking for tenants. Social media is particularly useful for young house hunters looking to rent a room and share an apartment with flatmates.

Renting accommodation in Eindhoven

When making an application to rent in Eindhoven, prospective tenants must typically provide their citizen service number known as a BSN (burgerservicenummer). Landlords may also request information on an expat's employment contract if they are working in Eindhoven or details about their studies if they are students.

We recommend that expats read and understand the terms and conditions of renting, as well as any hidden costs. If using a real-estate agent, for example, to assist with the house-hunting process, expats should consider that their service fee is usually the equivalent of one month's rent.


Expats renting in Eindhoven will likely sign a fixed-period lease valid for one year, though these may also be valid for six months. Alternatively, expats may also encounter flexible leases which are open ended and have no predetermined end date.

Expats should also note that while verbal contracts are legally viable in the Netherlands, we highly recommend signing a legal contract which avoids any potential issues of disagreements later on.


Most landlords in Eindhoven expect one to three months' worth of rent as a deposit, along with the first month of rent paid upfront. 


Utilities are usually for the tenant's expense and must be paid in addition to rent.

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