Doing Business in Abu Dhabi

Any expat doing business in Abu Dhabi will find themselves one foreigner in a sea of many. The vast majority of Abu Dhabi's population is made up of those from abroad, and as a result, the working world is a mosaic of multinational influences.

Doing business in Abu DhabiBusiness culture is highly variable, and contingent upon the in-house customs and etiquette of each particular firm. Expats can best prepare by acknowledging this potential for difference, and by bracing themselves for variation.

That said, it's important to realise that, despite its diversity, Abu Dhabi is still governed by Islamic tenets; Emirati businessmen will always conduct themselves according to Arab culture and a greater Muslim mandate. Expats will therefore need to familiarise themselves with and respect the local customs of this sector of the Abu Dhabi business world.

The UAE is a relatively easy place in which to do business, as has been illustrated in numerous international business surveys. Most notably, the country was ranked 22nd (out of 189 countries) in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Survey for 2015. The UAE was ranked in first place for paying taxes, and also scored particularly highly for factors such as getting electricty (4th) and dealing with construction permits (4th). However, an area in which the UAE ranked especially poorly was enforcing contracts (121st).

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