Working in Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the least developed countries in the world, therefore job opportunities are difficult to come by. Expats will find that voluntary opportunities, like educational, education and community projects are more common in the country.

Job market in Mozambique

Expats who are interested in teaching English in a foreign country may consider Mozambique. However expats should be aware that salaries will be significantly lower than what expats teaching in Asia or the UAE might receive. For English and Portuguese speakers, translation work is also an option. 

The biggest sectors in the country include agriculture, tourism and transportation. With the country's arable land, natural beauty and historical heritage, it's easy to understand why these sectors thrive. More than 70% of the population is employed in the agricultural sector. 

Forestry is another sector that is increasing in importance. Fishing is both an important source of food and a vital export earner. The manufacturing industry produces one quarter of the GDP, which include products of processed foods, textiles, fertiliser and other products. Mining operations produce coal, salt, gemstones, marble and other minerals. 

Additionally, large natural gas reserves were discovered in recent years, which has affected the economy of Mozambique. The gas is extracted from onshore fields and piped to South Africa. 

Finding a job in Mozambique

Consulting the local classifieds is a valuable resource, as well as popular sites like Net Empregos, and Club of Mozambique. 

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