Areas and suburbs in Boston

Boston is a small and compact city and most suburbs are well served by the city’s comprehensive public transport systems.

There are a number of attractive areas and suburbs where expats choose to live, both within the city itself and in the surrounding towns of Boston. 

The majority of expats choose to rent rather than buy property in Boston. Unfortunately, the city is one of the most expensive cities in the USA and rental costs are high.

Family-friendly suburbs of Boston

For expats moving with children, it will be a priority to find a home in close proximity to a good school. Many of Boston’s family-friendly neighbourhoods (and some of the city's best schools) are located outside the city limits.


Westborough is a family-friendly town located west of Boston. There is a strong community spirit in this area and lots of local events taking place on weekends that the whole family can enjoy. Westborough is home to a number of good schools, which is why a lot of local as well as expat families choose to live here. The town is about 45 minutes by car from Boston’s city centre and well served by MBTA commuter rail services. It is also well located in relation to major highways such as the Interstate 90, Route 30 and Route 9.


Newton is a safe and vibrant town located just outside Boston that is popular with families due to its excellent public schools. The town has easy access to downtown Boston, so Newton is convenient for those working in the city, but who want to live in a quieter area. Newton is one of the wealthiest urban areas in Boston so property prices are steep, but for those with the right budget, it’s a wonderful place to raise a family.


Brookline is a town located close to Boston and bordered by suburbs such as Jamaica Plain, Allston and West Roxbury. The area has historically been home to some of the best schools in Massachusetts and there are also excellent medical facilities, parks, shops and entertainment, making it a popular residential neighbourhood for families. Brookline is also well serviced by the MBTA train and bus routes.

Young and hip areas of Boston

The fact that Boston is home to a number of universities means that many suburbs filled with students. Rents in these areas tend to be a little lower and they have a lively feel to them.


Wellesley is a town outside of Boston that is popular with young professionals and students because of its proximity to a number of colleges and universities, including Wellesley College, Babson College and Odin College. Wellesley also attracts many families due to its excellent public schooling system.

The area is well covered by Boston’s public transport network and is linked to Boston city centre by the commuter rail and some commuter express bus services.

Allston and Brighton

Allston and Brighton are two neighbouring towns that are both popular with students and young professionals due to their proximity to Harvard and Boston universities. 

Allston is home to some of Boston’s best nightlife and the area is full of upscale eateries, bars and pool halls. Brighton is a little quieter but has its fair share of cafés, pubs and chain restaurants.

These areas are well placed on public transport routes and there is easy access to buses and trains.

City living in Boston

For those who want to live in the city, there are plenty of housing options in Boston. However, rents in the heart of the city tend to be steep.


Charlestown is centrally located on the banks of Boston Harbour in the downtown area of Boston and is populated by young professionals who choose to live within walking distance of their offices. The area is well served by public transport links and expats living in Charlestown will be able to get around easily on foot, by subway or bus. There is a lively atmosphere in Charlestown and the area’s streets are lined with bars, cafés and bakeries. Charlestown is the oldest suburb of Boston and, due to its central location, rents are high.

Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain

The suburbs of Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain (or JP as it's often referred to by residents) are located to the south of Boston and are known for their green open spaces. These neighbourhoods are home to ethnically diverse populations and are known for their community spirit. Hyde Park has some of the most luxurious living options in the city. While Jamaica Plain is also home to some of the city’s most elegant mansions, the area has a strong artistic community which gives it a friendly, laid-back feel. Both areas are served well by commuter rail, the subway and local bus services.

South End and Back Bay

South End and Back Bay are cosmopolitan areas of Boston popular with young professionals and families. Lined with brownstones, they have some of the most desirable real estate in the city, so rental prices tend to be high. The area has a lively atmosphere, especially in the evening when residents congregate around Tremont Street, which is also known as ‘Restaurant Row’, as it is lined with eateries serving delicacies from many countries. There is also a growing range of boutique stores in South End and Back Bay.

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