Kids and Family in Boston

Expats who relocate to Boston will be pleased to know that there are a plethora of attractions and activities geared toward kids. The many activities and good hospitals and schools make Boston an excellent city to raise a family.

For parents, it might be more convenient to move to some of Boston's family-friendly suburbs. Students up to high school are placed by the Boston public school system in schools near to their homes. Parents thinking of enrolling their children in Boston public schools may want to consider moving to areas that allow access to specific schools. 

Educational activities in Boston

Boston features a number of educational and child-friendly activities which are perfect for any weather.

The Children's Museum provides an interactive indoor playground in which children learn through play. The Franklin Park Zoo allows children to connect with wildlife, while the New England Aquarium lets children meet the marine life that lives off of Boston's shores.

Outdoor activities in Boston

Watching baseball at Fenway Park is a quintessential Boston activity. The Prudential Tower Skywalk Observatory presents breathtaking top-down views of Boston, while the Boston Codzilla harbour tours provide high-speed boat trips which are ideal for summer days. Expats can also take their family to one of the many connecting parks that make up Boston's Emerald Necklace.

Indoor activities in Boston

Boston has all of the amenities of a modern city, including malls with cinema houses. 

Otherwise, there is an active children's theatre scene in Boston, which can be enjoyed at venues such as the Puppet Showplace Theater. Exploring the exquisite Boston Public Library is another fun, quaintly old-fashioned indoor activity. 

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