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on 17 Oct 2012
Hi there,

I am looking for some advice from expats that have moved to Canada with children. My husband and I are looking to move to Toronto next year with our two kids aged 8 and 11.

My main concern is about schooling. We are from Germany and I would like the children to continue studying under the German system, to give them at least some continuity. Are there any good German schools in the Toronto area? How expensive are the school fees?

Also, I'd love to hear about anyones experiences on moving to Toronto with children. Is Toronto a family-friendly city?

tompitman on 19 Oct 2012
Hi Kate - see the German International School Toronto  - website:
Catherine on 19 Oct 2012
Hi Kate, as Tom mentioned above, there is a German school in Toronto. For more info on this school, and a comprehensive list of international schools in Toronto, have a look at International Schools in Toronto.

Toronto is a very family-friendly city and there are many activities to enjoy in the city with your kids. There are many museums, amusement centres and interesting attractions for kids in Toronto. For a breakdown of what you can expect when living in the city with a family and for ideas of what to do with your kids, take a look at our page on Kids in Toronto.

good luck with your relocation and if you've got any further questions about moving to Canada, be sure to post them on this forum.

Anonymous (not verified) on 29 Nov 2012
Hi on a similar note to Kate's are there any schools in Toronto that follow the UK system of GCSE and A- levels. My family and I are looking at moving next year. Many thanks.
Anonymous (not verified) on 26 Oct 2013
German International School is likely best choice and fees are $7500 to $14000 with small class size versus a traditional Toronto public school. If you need any assistance in finding a home nearby then I can help as well as was born in Toronto and know it well. Thx Norman (
MaryClark on 26 Jul 2016
Our friends are going to this private school: The York School - They have Baccalaureate Program that is exactly what we have in Europe in schools. Much stronger program than in public school (my kids are going to catholic school), a lot of international students, foreign languages. It is located in Toronto on Yonge street, so very convenient for commute.