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on 27 Aug 2012
What is average salary of orthopaedic surgeon in madrid. How is la paz hospital in madrid
Anonymous (not verified) on 15 Sep 2013
I will be working for CEPSA. My office is located at Ribera del Loira 28042 Madrid. I want to live very close to the above work place. What are best residential area close by for renting say 2/3 bed apartment? Please mention the rental amount for guidance. Thanks. Mike Hussain
Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Apr 2014
The current average annual cardiovascular technician pay inside U.S.A can be $53,000.this salary is actually calculated through some other parts of an STATES and the whole of most of these paydays is actually subdivided by the overall number of regions considered. So,You will discover regions during which cardiovascular technicians earns in excess of the particular average although You will find others coming from different. you have need more information click here