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on 10 Nov 2013
Iam from the USA .I want to live and work in Libya prefer Benghazi but will work between Tripoli and do i go about getting a visa and work permit ?
Catherine on 11 Nov 2013
Hi Michelle, it's likely that the company hiring you in Libya will organise your visa and work permit for you, and before entering Libya you'll need a letter of invitation from the company. It's not really possible to move to Libya without the initial offer of employment and visa.

Have a read of our Visas for Libya page to learn more about this process.
Anonymous (not verified) on 11 Nov 2013
Hello ! I am from Cambodia and I got a job offer in Libya (Derna). Anyone could tell me the security now in Libya? Is it safe in Derna?
Shantalie on 12 Nov 2013
HI Anonymous,

The security situation in Libya has improved somewhat since the fall of the Gaddafi regime in 2011. However, there are still some safety concerns that expats need to be aware of.

Crime rates are high in Libya and there are risks of everything from petty theft to serious armed robbery and carjackings. The political situation in Libya is also still volatile, although it is generally peaceful, there is always a chance of violence flaring up and so expats are advised to stay away from protests and demonstrations. 

There are also simplier safety issues that you'll need to contend with on a daily basis. Road conditions and driving standards are poor in Libya and there are the incidence of road accidents is quite high throughout the country.

For a more detailed overview check out the Safety in Libya page.

Good luck,


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