Getting around in India - worth buying a car?

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29 May 2012
I'm considering a four-month trip to India at the end of the year. Since I'll be there a while and want to travel around, is it worth buying or renting a car for that time, or shall I rather rely on public transport?
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Getting around India can be pretty easily done without a car - there are trains, rick-shaws, taxis, buses etc in all major cities, which you can use quite cheaply. Driving yourself can be quite a hair-raising experience and I wouldn't reccommend it, unless you hire a driver to go with the car.

Have a look at our Moving to India page for general info about the country, and for more specifics about getting around the main cities, check out our Getting Around in Mumbai and Getting Around in Delhi pages.

Good luck with your trip - I'm sure it will be quite an adventure!

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Be careful of petty criminals operating on public transport and at transport hubs, like railway stations. Foreigners stick out and can be perceived to be wealthy, so just keep your wits about you, especially if travelling alone.
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Being a foreigner, it'll very difficult for you to drive in India. Its best if you hire a cab or rent a car with driver. Car rentals are cheap and easily available in all cities. As already suggested by one of the members you can also use 'auto-rickshaw'.


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Hey guys, thanks for the info...I guess public transport it will be. Very excited to be leaving in a few weeks! Certainly going to be an adventure!!
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For long distance travels car wont be a very good idea. but if youre in big cities like delhi, kolkata, mumbai, bengaluru or any of the metro city an can use google maps efficiently then you should get a car. if you are not very comfortable using maps then get a car with a driver.

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