Getting New Zealand superannuation in Thailand?

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By expatNZ1 - Posted on
18 December 2013

Hi, People tell me that you cannot collect N.Z 'superannuation' in Thailand. It seems that W.I.N.Z and N.Z immigration work together so that when you leave N.Z immigration log you and so do W.I.N.Z and also do the same when you return to N.Z. It seems to me unfair that if you are entitled to 'Super' you should be able to spend it where and when you choose. So if I am entitled to 'Super' and want to retire to Thailand, can I do this and collect 'Super' in Thailand. OR, can I only stay 6 months max in Thailand then have for return to N.Z (have my own house in N.Z, e.t.c)? It seems to me that there must be lots of Kiwi ex-pats living in places like Pattaya who claim 'Super' and live there on a permanent basis? Does anybody have any further ideas, please? Charlie

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