Schooling in Bangkok?

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28 November 2016


My husband and i are thinking of moving to Bangkok due to work. We have a 4yr and 7yr old girl. We have looked into the schooling but the International schools are incredibly expensive. Does anyone know of an affordable school that will have similar education standards to Australia.

Much appreciated.


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Hi there,

What type of school do your kids attend in Australia? What curriculum are the studying?

While your children won't be eligable to attend a public school in Thailand (at least one parent needs to be Thai) you should look into private biligual schools, which are most afforable that international schools. 

Take a look at the Education and Schools in Thailand page for a overview of the system.

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I am moving to Bangkok with my children. Did you find an affordble school ? are you satisfied ?

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There is a map of schools in Central BKK here: / international-schools

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Could anyone recommend some bilingual school name ? Follow the / international-schools, I only found international school which is very expensive.

We have 2 children 3y and 6y, moving to BKK in April. Thanks in advance.

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