How do I buy property in Thailand?

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17 March 2016

We are a Norwegian family who are doing some research into moving to Thailand for a longer period. Our dream is to buy a small resort close to the beach. Not one of those 5 star resorts, but rather a 2-3 star bungalow resort. Preferably a "fix'r up'r". We have looked at locations as Lanta, Samui, Hua Hin etc. We seem to have fastened a bit on Lanta for several reasons, like, the Swedish school, prices on such properties and the fact that its not as busy as Samui or Hua Hin, with that referring to traffic and being able to drive ourselves. We hope you can help us with recommendations on good and trustworthy real-estate companies? We are also open for other locations and advice about what to do and what not to do? if you have advice on other locations we also like you to mention something about schools and why this location is good. We would also like to hear from others who have done this similar things in Thailand. We need more information about rules and regulations, the financial side of it, like how much can we expect to earn and how much do we need in starting found and more. Hope to get some good advice!

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Hi there,

What is your budget? How many bedroom are you looking for?

You can start by reading the Accommodation in Thailand page for some background info.


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we are thinking about something between 8-15 bungalows. Our budget is approx 4-5 mill baht, but that depends on the place as well.

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Hi MissMay, Please allow me to give a little opinion from an agent side, between 8-15 bungalows. Your budget approximate 4-5 mill baht this is per key or the whole 8-15 bungalows THB 5 Million? if so this is not possible because land alone is already this price. TJ

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There is a couple of resorts at this price on the market on Lanta today. We are not looking to buy a 4-5 star resort. But rather a resort that needs work to get better.

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Hi MissMay

Have a look at a page that an expert wrote about mistakes to avoid when buying Thai property for more advice.

Kind regards,
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My advice is to not try and run a business in Thailand. Chances of success are low because you will have to deal with the Thais. Go live in the area you think you want to do business for a few months and get local advice.

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