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on 31 May 2011

Newly arrived in the city and finally all settled and sorted and ready to do some exploring over my first work-free days off. Does anyone have any recommendations about what to do over a weekend in Budapest?
Stephanie on 31 May 2011
There's way too much to do to cover this city in a single weekend, but for the purpose of answering your question, I'll pretend you're on some super methamphetamine and have an interest in history!

Start by exploring Hungary's communist past. Head to Statue/Memento Park and have a gander at the eery and "petrifying" former communist leaders cast in stone. Take the direct bus back to town for a lunch at any of Budapest's etkezos (old school diners), and then continue on to the Terror House Museum for a once-over of the country's 20th century dictators.

After that, I can recommend dinner somewhere in the 7th district, a chilled drink at Mumus in the Old Jewish District, and then a party on A38 - the old Ukranian freighter! If the weather's nice, forego the old ship and have a cocktail on Margaret Island in any of the many garden bars.

After a greasy Sunday breakfast, head over to Szechenyi (one of the many Turkish baths) for a bit of relaxation and re-hydration. While in the area visit Heroes' Square and the City Park castle.  Wind the afternoon down with a stroll along the river and enjoy some of the city's greatest architecture - the Synaogogue, Basilica and Parliament.