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on 29 Mar 2013
Hello, I am looking to relocate to Budapest in couple of months and looking for some help on English kindergarten.....I have searched through sites and have not yet concluded on what to choose between international or local English/Bilingual... Any one has any experience/recommendations......Also please recommend any names of kindergarten that you have experienced with... Thanking you in advance!! Regards, Milan
Anonymous (not verified) on 14 Apr 2013
Dear Milan, My kid is graduating from English kindergarten called This is a small private kindergarten in English. We have very good experience with them. Before we enrolled, my wife went around and checked out most of the English kindergarten and this one turned out to be the most family centered. if you have any questions about relocation, i would be happy to help. Regards Marcell
MissyMe on 20 Aug 2014
Hi Milan, we are locals but prefer kids to spend their time in a truly international environment. To my experience some of the kindergartens advertise themselves as bilingual, but it may mean that they have a person who has some English,so that may not be what you are looking for. It is always worth to check the places once you have arrived. It should not be a problem to find the right preschool in Budapest. Like everywhere else in the world, a lot depends on the location, where you will live, you do not want to spend hours with travelling just to get your kids to preschool. If you are looking at districts 2, 12 or 3 the below places are quite popular. I personally liked Planet Kids; Planet Kids Pinokkio Apple Tree Happy Kids Good luck with the relocation!

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