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on 17 Jun 2011
I'm moving to Thailand and would like to take many belongings with me as my CD/DVD/book collection. I'm married to a Thai citizen who lives in Thailand. I have a Non-Immigrant Visa O (marriage visa) that is valid for three months, and which must be renewed in September for 12 months. I wonder if this is still correct after they changed the laws: "Upon entry into Thailand, expats have six months to import their household items from their home country. If importing items on a permit that is valid for less than year, a 20 percent import tax and a seven percent value-added tax will apply on all goods. If entering Thailand on a visa that allows stay for longer than a year, no taxes will apply." I know that it's all easier with a working permit. But I do not have that. Or can my wife (thai and live in Thailand) import my belongings? Will the import tax be 20% of the value and 7% tax? The values is up to me and the shipping company? What should I do?
Daniel Van Niekerk on 4 Jul 2011
It might be best to check with a reliable and well known international shipper...even if you're not going to be using them. These guys are usually updated regularly on the newest terms and conditions. -Daniel