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Posted by Lhockenbury
on 5 Oct 2016
Hello. I am a US expat in Riyadh with my company on a 5 year business visa. I wanted to see if it is possible to get a visit visa for my wife. She is Thai and I know there are restrictions but I wanted to see if it was possible with a company letter.
Catherine on 5 Oct 2016
Hi Lhockenbury, getting a visa for your wife should not be a problem with the help of your company, who will likely need to act as the sponsor of the visa. Are you looking at having her just visit for holiday or for long-term?

Have a look at our Visas in Saudi Arabia page for some general info on visa options for the Kingdom.
Lhockenbury on 5 Oct 2016
Well I am here now thru mid December and then back Jan 1 thru March 31st. At which time I would either move to an Iqama or return to the US depend on our business needs. Thank you very much. I will then need to look into length available and probably coordinate that with my trips.
Anonymous (not verified) on 7 Nov 2016
Hi my husband is holding a business visa in Riyadh. My question is is it possible to transfer his business visa to have a permanent visa? how long would it take? and what is the procedure? Does he need to go back to the US first to process his employment visa or not? thank you, Lnet from uae

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