Is the cost of living in Thailand high?

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By JennyK - Posted on
18 May 2012
Hey everyone, I'm thinking of going to Thailand to work and generally just get a different cultural experience. Has anyone got any insights into the cost of living in Thailand? Just wondering if I'll be able to earn a decent living, and still save enough to travel around Southeast Asia a bit while I'm there.
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Hi JennyK

It always depends on the standard of living you're used to, but generally speaking no, the cost of living in Thaliand is not high at all. What kind of work were you hoping to get? If you got a job teaching English at a large international school (rather than a normal English language school), you should be able to live a comfortable life and still save a bit for travelling, as long as you ate "local" and rented modest accommodation. Take a look at the Cost of Living in Thailand page for more details.

Good luck!
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Yes I support your decision, the lifestyle in Thailand is not much costly, you can work and enjoy a lot at the tourist destination in the weekend.

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