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on 3 Jun 2012
I should soon have a job offer which includes accomodation, health insurance etc. However, I want my boyfriend to move out to China with me. Does he need a job before arriving or could he live off my salary until he finds work?
GabyS on 4 Jun 2012
Hi Joskowski99

If you and your boyfriend were married, he'd be able to go over on a dependency visa and look for a job once he was there. But I'm afraid since he isn't your spouse, he will have to find a job before moving to China.

He'll need to start by finding a job, negotiating a contract, and then having his employer obtain an employment license and a letter of invitation for him. Once he's done that he can apply for a Z visa (work visa), which is valid for 90 days. On arrival in China, he'll need to apply for a work permit and a residence permit. You'll also have to organise all of this for yourself - see the Work permits for China page for more detailed information.
Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Jun 2012
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