Nightlife in Thailand?

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By Stephanie Katz - Posted on
18 April 2011
Do people like to party in Bangkok? What's the nightlife like...hoping it's not limited to the lady boys I read so much about...
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Nightlife in Bangkok is banging - and I don't mean that in the illicity sense. The city is basically bursting with hot clubs, fantastic restuarants and sleek, stylish lounges. You'll find plenty of options in the Sukumwit or Silom area, and before you know it you'll be familiar with the legendary Bangkok "Changover" (a hangover from the local Chang beer :)

One part of the local partying scene that may take some getting used to is the idea of "Buying a Bottle". This essentially means going to club and buying a full bottle of spirits for a high price - it also allows you to feel important and to sit at a decent table. You don't have to finish the bottle in one night, but most do...

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If you're going to buy a bottle, as the local hot-shots do, make sure it's Johnny Walker. Red is acceptable, but Black will guarantee you win friends and influence people. Avoid the local whisky Mekhong at all costs, unless of course you want to have one of those nights when you wake up with a tattoo and one shoe missing.
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Bangkok Nightlife is best experienced in Sukhumvit Rd ... it has the best mix of full in your face night life from the Go-Go bars (which as a curious couple is still worth a look... once).. to a mix of restaurants serving top class and highly priced steaks to really great street food, many of the side Sois have a mix of bars, massage parlours and food stalls. There are also a number of hidden secrets...One is the iconic Checkinn99 which is on Sukhumvit between Sois 5 & 7. Enter through a hole in the wall alley way any evening after 8pm .. and walk into an Original Bangkok Cabaret Restaurant & Bar.. cosy if not lowly lit retro bar with its original 70s decore. It features an amazing Philippine house Girl band who put on a full cabaret style sit down show - great for couples, singles or groups looking for somewhere hassle free to spend an evening - with great steak meals and no cover charge. The have a new Aussie owner who introduced them to all the Australian Classic Rock- which they sing flawlessly ..If James Reyne knew they could sing Australian Crawl's Boys Light Up - he would be a regular!!!... The place looks like a mix between Ricks Cafe from Casablanca and an old set from a James Bond movie. waterfalls - plaster parrots and waiters in bow ties. Full on top class entertainment...performances and dancing till about 1.30am most nights. Then onto Sukhumvit Rd after the bars shut will put you into a mass line up of all night portable street bars that replace the evening market stalls.... like it used to be in Bangkok.. the City that doesn't sleep! What a Place!

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