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on 3 Oct 2013
I am considering buying a property in Austria (Tyrol) and in the future moving there (within 3 - 5 yrs). I have been retired now for two years having taken a voluntary redundancy package. I am in receipt of my private pension that includes what is termed a 'stepped' arrangement whereby I receive my state pension as an inclusion all the way through my lifetime, but the state amount is taken from me from my 65th year. I am now just recently 60yrs old. My question is with regard to my pension options at the point I elect to live in Austria full time. Reading your taxation page certainly seems to suggest I may find I have to pay the higher income tax cost, but is this so (being a pensioner)? In addition is/would it be best for me to continue to be paid in GBP as opposed to the euro and is this directly related to my pension being forwarded to my Austrian bank account as opposed to my UK one? Am I allowed to keep the UK one? What of off shore banking accounts?