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05 July 2012
I dont know where to start but i'll give you a brief description . Mother and her 2 sons are in bahrain . visa expired since 2005. due to the husbands death in India couldn't resolve the visa matter. Mother is housewife. Sons were born in bahrain. they have applied for bahraini nationality. one son is 24 and other is 20 . all were educated at the ISB Now the solution looking for is . Is there a way they can legalize their stay in bahrain. is there any way they can be sponsored all three by a family visa . can the son get an employment by which an organization can offer sponsorship to the mother and the younger son. Is there any way to legalize their stay or any establishment dealing with solving such visa problems. Need immediate help.
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Hi abdulla

Surely the sons will automatically have Bahraini nationality if they were born there? Why do they need to apply for it? Have they been out the country? Your question is a bit unclear.

If the sons are Bahrain nationals, they might be able to sponsor their mother's stay as a dependent, although you will need to check with the Department of Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs if this is so - it's unlikely that anyone other than a spouse/children would be eligible. Even if they can sponsor her, she will probably have to leave the country to apply for a new visa in India, which might create problems. You will need to check if the fact that she has an expired visa would mean she would be barred from re-entering the country.

Bottom line is she will probably need to find a job and an employment sponsorship to legally stay in the country.

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Hi, i am a employee and want to bring my parents to Bahrain on visit. my company does not provide visit visas for parents. can some one show me a path where i can get this info. best regards.

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i have no idea

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Im a mother my husband are seperated for almost 9 years without any support I want to get my son can be able to give family visa to my son

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