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Posted by BritishFamilyof3
on 30 Mar 2017


I am due to receive a job offer today or Sunday for a great job in Kuwait and I have a few questions which I'm hoping someone could answer for me please.

I'm fine with the package vs cost of living, read the good and bad points and up for the adventure.

1. Has anyone taken their dog over with them? Do you advise for or against it? Are there parks etc where you can take dogs?
2. Is it true that family members over 60 can't visit?
3. Is it really completely dry/no alcohol or are there ways around this?
4. Can anyone recommend a Compound with pool/kids facilities - I will be working in the City.
5. I am female so my husband will become a house husband on a Visitors permit - he would like to work eventually, when our son is settled into School (if I can find him a place!) - is this usually possible?

Thank you so much.

Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Apr 2017
1) i have 2 bulldogs here and there are dog parks and u can walk them around the block but no public areas like restaurants or malls allow them 2) there are ways around alcohol, sometimes it can get really expensive tho. 3) there are way too many gyms, spas & all inclusive clubs although they can get pretty darn expensive, but mostly filled with expats & foreigners 4) if you are looking for a villa to stay, i'm a real estate agent.
Shantalie on 4 Apr 2017
Hi there,

What field does your husband work in?

That'll obviously effect his chances of getting a work permit?