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on 18 Apr 2011
What's happening with the protests against the King in Thailand? I remember reading about some bloodshed in 2010, and I just want to make sure I'm up to date on safety issues in Thailand, travelling to Bangkok to teach English in two months.
Stephanie on 18 Apr 2011
No need to be concerned about safety in Thailand - Bangkok poses the same threats as any big city, so it's important to be self-aware and to make good decisions, but otherwise, you won't find yourself suddently amdist a sea of angery rioters. The spirit of the thing has apparently moved onto the Middle East.

Anti-government protests in Thailand in April 2010 did end in violence, with many injured and nearly 30 killed, but foreigners were never targeted and the situation has stabalized. Travel bans instituted for the entirety of the country have been downgraded, and do advise travelers to be cautious, but don't advise that they skip the trip entirely.

Expats moving to Thailand should still avoid group gatherings that have the potential to become unruly and should ideally leave political demonstrations for the Thai people.