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on 19 Jun 2013
I got a job in Derna hospital as a MOH nurse with with LYD 1100  .Is it good offer?
Shantalie on 19 Jun 2013
Hi Suja,

Are there any additional benefits offered as part of your employment package such as accommodation or travel expenses ?

I think a salary of LYD 1100 may be a little low. Accommodation in Libya starts at around LYD 1,500. It may be possible to share a place and split the costs but still that wouldn't give you much of a disposable income.

Take a look at the Cost of Living in Libya page and use the information there to figure out what your expenses would be. 

If you are unhappy with the package, feel free to go back to the employer and negotiate a more suitable salary so you can live comfortably while you are away from home.

Good luck

suja on 19 Jun 2013
.. They will provide food,accomodation and family visa for me...Already processing is started.
Shantalie on 21 Jun 2013
Hi Suja,

The fact that the company will be providing food, accommodation and paying for your visas is a bonus.

You need to work out wether you can support your family on LYD 1,100. Much of this will depend on your lifestyle and how much you want to save.

Will you consider hiring a car with a driver ? Most expats do this and it can be quite expensive at around LYD 1,000 per month.

Is you spouse also planning on working and how many children will you have to support ? Remember that international school fees don't come cheap.

Good luck,


Shantalie on 26 Jun 2013
Hi Anonymous,

You are right to be concerned about the security situation in Libya. While its safe to say the political situation in Libya has improved, it is still somewhat volatile.

You should check the advice of your country's foreign office. Currently the British FCO and the US Department of State are advising against all travel to Libya at present and there are risks of kidnapping.

For more detailed overview on the safety issues in Libya check out this page on Safety in Libya.


Anonymous (not verified) on 26 Jun 2013
Hi Shantalie, Iam a Filipino and I have an offer to work there in LIBYA. To be specifically at Benghazi. Becasue of past news about civil war in Libya, im in doubt right now. I'm hoping that somehow you can give me an information about the safety of nurses there. Thanks and Best Regards, Yehlen
Anonymous (not verified) on 29 Jun 2013
i m bsc nurse i got staff nurse in lybia is safe place to work I heard that there is war going on
Anonymous (not verified) on 30 Jul 2013
I got a job in as a MOH nurse in Libya with with LYD 1300 .Is it good offer? I have to pay for the visa and ticket as well. After six months they will give me family visa.

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