Cost of Living in Libya

The cost of living in Libya is relatively cheap, especially if expats choose to prepare their own meals with local produce, and avoid spending money eating out or purchasing Western gadgets and luxuries. Currently, Tripoli is ranked number 268 out of the top 282 most expensive international locations for expats to live. 

Expats should expect to pay unusually high prices for personal care items like cosmetics, toiletries and pain relief tablets, but as these are still relatively small expenditures, it does not create a major dent in one's finances. 

Communication enterprises, like telephone rentals and Internet connections, are also on the expensive side for a country assigned a low cost of living; but again, these payments are not overwhelming when compared with larger, more imminent expenses.

Alternatively, transport, local groceries, furniture and appliances and clothing are all very reasonably priced, and serve to keep day-to-day expenses for expats at a minimum. 

Cost of accommodation in Libya

On average, a 3-5 bedroom villa in the Tripoli city centre can range from LYD 3500 to LYD 4500 per month – although this price does tend to be negotiable. It is important to note that property owners and landlords often come up with market prices in an arbitrary fashion, so never underestimate the possibility of cheaper listings. The popular expat suburbs of The Regatta or Palm City offer 3-4 bedroom villas roughly priced at LYD 6000.

Alternatively, a 3-bedroomed apartment in Tripoli ranges from LYD 1500 – LYD 2500, and often comes with the added benefit of security and Internet connectivity.

In Benghazi, a furnished two-bedroom apartment connected to a large villa costs roughly LYD 1500; this could include satellite television and all utilities.

Domestic help in Libya is extremely affordable; expats can expect to pay LYD 40 for a once-weekly maid service.

Cost of public transport in Libya

Public transport in Libya is limited to taxis and buses, and is very cheap. For example, a taxi ride from Tripoli to its suburbs is LYD 6-7; a bus ride is LYD 1-2.

Many expats prefer to hire a car and driver on a “wet lease” – this means that fuel, servicing and the driver’s wages are all included for about LYD 1,000 per month. Used cars are for sale in Libya for around LYD 10,000.

Cost of oil and electricity in Libya

Petrol is very reasonable in Libya. Quarterly electricity charges are around LYD 300-400 for a 3-bedroom villa, but expats should try and negotiate an allowance for accommodation that would also cover the cost of utilities like electricity and water.

Cost of Internet and television in Libya

For personal Internet use, broadband Internet is around 40 LYD per month for 18 GB of data. connection speed is slow, and video streaming is a painful process in Libya.

If you work from home and need a connection for your business, then vast and microwave-based VoIP systems are available, starting from LYD 500 per month. This includes the cost of the modem, switch, router and antenna.

The most popular satellite TV service provider in Libya is Nilesat, which costs around LYD 250 a year.

Cost of eating out in Libya

There are kebab/shawarma kiosks all over Libya, where you can eat for LYD 4. There are also plenty of fastfood outlets, where one can get a decent meal for around LYD 5. A starter plus main course for two in a good restaurant will set you back LYD 40-60. Soft drinks are about LYD 0.50, and a cup of coffee or tea is between LYD 0.50 and LYD 2.

Cost of food in Libya

There is a huge variety of fish in Libyan markets, the prices of which range from LYD 1 per kilo (fresh sardines) to LYD 37 per kilo (algambary).

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