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on 5 Feb 2013
We're moving to Mexico City soon and apart from the dire security situation in the city, we're worried about our kids' education while there. We'll be living in Mexico for a year and as we are American I want our kids to continue with their home country curriculum. Are there any decent international or American schools in Mexico? 
Candice on 7 Feb 2013
Hi Jonny

Safety is definitely a concern in Mexico but I wouldn't call the situation dire. Foreigners are rarely the targets of violent crime so it shouldn't affect your day to day life. Have a look at our page on Safety in Mexico for more information on this issue. 

In terms of education for American children, there are many options and plenty of American international schools throughout Mexico. Have a read of our Education and schools in Mexico page for more information on the education system in Mexico. We also have an extensive list of International schools in Mexico which you should find very helpful

The best of luck with your move to Mexico.

Jonny on 8 Feb 2013
Thanks Candice for the info - I'll be sure to check our those pages!