Should we send our kids to a local or international school in India?

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20 August 2012
What are the schools in Mumbai like? We are relocating to India next year and in the process of deciding what to do with our kids education. Should we send our kids to a local or international school in Mumbai? Any insights welcome, especially from expat parents who have kids in Indian schools.
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Hi Jenny

There are a number of good private and international schools in Mumbai, so what school you decide to send you child to would depend on a number of circumstances, including how long you intend to live in India, whether you want your child to continue with the curriculum of their home country and how exposed you want them to be to the local population and culture or whether you want them mixing rather with a more international student body.

It's best to plan early as the demand for a place at one of these schools is high. Among the most popular international schools in Mumbai are the American School of Bombay, which follows the American curriculum and the IB World curriculum and the Bombay International School, which follows the ICSE, IGCSE and IB curricula.

Have a look at our Education and Schools in Mumbai page for more info about the Indian schooling system, and for a list of international schools in the city, have a look at our International Schools in Mumbai page.

Good luck with your move!!
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