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on 15 Mar 2016
Hi everybody,

I am being reassigned to Johannesburg for work in June, and my family- including two teenagers, will be moving with mw.
Can anyone provide me with some information about school recommendations in Johannesburg?
Would it be better to send the girls to a private or international school? We are from London, England.

tompitman on 16 Mar 2016
James, you'll find the best private schools are usually better than the international schools (check out St Peter's Girls School, or St John's College), but if you are only going to Johannesburg for a few years, and want your children to stay within the British curriculum, an international school is a good option. Check out the British International College. T
AlexL on 15 Mar 2016
Hi James,

Have a look at our International schools in Johannesburg page, as well as our list of Private schools in Johannesburg

If you are looking to send your daughters to an all-girls school, your best bet would be a private school. However, bear in mind that the school term begins in January, and admissions are limited.

If you are open to co-educational schools, there are a number of private and international schools available. Please note that the term dates for international schools follow different starting dates, so it would be a good idea to see which ones suit your time frame. It may also be easier for your girls to settle in if the curriculum is similar to what they were used to at home. 

Good luck with your decision.
Subbu on 24 Dec 2016
Hi, I am in the same boat moving from New Delhi to Centurion in April 2017. Any ideas how a 4th grader who has never learnt Afrikaans before catch up in a private school in South Africa? Or does that mean that International schools are the only real choice? Any advise?