What's the healthcare in Mumbai like? Are there good hospitals?

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24 July 2012
Moving to Mumbai soon and with two small kids we're often at the doctor - what is healthcare in Mumbai like. Are there decent hospitals in Mumbai, especially private facitlities? 
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The healthcare system in India is very good and Mumbai in particular is becomming a popular medical tourist spot. There are a number of excellent hospitals in Mumbai, which are well-staffed and most staff speak English. Just ensure that you have comprehensive medical insurance - you may be required to pay for some treatments up front. Check out the Healthcare in Mumbai page for some more info!
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Dear Global Nomad
As Catherine rightly pointed out, the Indian healthcare system is very good. There are several prominent private hospitals around the city which are at par with international standards and offer excellent service. 
As you have children, your primary concern would be finding a pediatric doctor who has a private clinic close to your residence. Most doctors make house calls in case of emergencies and are also reachable over the phone. Pharmacists are located around every street corner and most remain open 24 hours. Many of them even deliver medicines home and if you buy from them regularly, they even offer you a percentage discount on purchases!
You can search for doctors and hospitals in specific areas of Mumbai on websites like http://www.asklaila.com but it is always preferable to find a doctor based on a personal recommendation.

Private hospitals can be on the expensive side but they need not be. Similiarly doctors too have varying service charges, but most doctor with private clinics charge you a service fee each time you viist and any medication prescribed can be bought across the counter from a pharmacist. 

Hope to have helped clarify your doubts. Please feel free to email me at expatguidemumbai@gmail.com if you need any further assistance in your relocation plans to Mumbai.
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Yes, Bombay does have several hospitals to look at depending upon your need. We will recommend a) BSES Hospital in Andheri-W managed by Brhamkumaris b) Kokilaben Ambani Hospital and c) Seven Hill Health City.

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Yes Mumbai is very good destination for health care. In Mumbai many specialist hospitals are there. Check,

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