Healthcare in Mumbai

A growing medical tourism destination, expats will have access to high standards of healthcare in Mumbai.

There are various public and private hospitals, but public facilities don't consistently meet international standards, so most expats opt for private healthcare in India.

Private clinics are generally good, have English-speaking staff, and many are part of international business groups or are linked to overseas universities.
Despite medical treatment being relatively affordable, expats should still have medical insurance.
There are numerous well-stocked pharmacies, many of which operate 24 hours a day.


Recommended hospitals in Mumbai

Bombay Hospital
Tel: (022) 2206 7676

P.D. Hinduja Hospital
Tel: (022) 2445 2222/1515

Wockhardt Hospitals
Tel: (022) 61784444

Asian Heart Institute
Tel: (022) 6698 6666