Clubs and Societies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers an array of social and sporting clubs and societies, which are extremely popular with expats. Many clubs are centuries old institutions dating back to colonial times. For many expats, the sporting clubs and societies become a home away from home with bars, restaurants and social events, along with gyms, swimming pools and other sporting facilities.

Club membership in Hong Kong

Waiting lists can be long, and membership is often dependent on being proposed and seconded by existing members. The monthly or annual membership fee can be high, and some operate a debenture system that can run into very high numbers. Membership can sometimes be passed on to friends or family. Some companies negotiate fast-track membership for their relocating staff, an advantage for those interested. However, there are many sporting clubs that offer a much more affordable package, along with a more relaxed membership policy. 

Here is a list of the popular clubs in Hong Kong.


Aberdeen Marina Club

Address: 8 Shum Wan Rd, Aberdeen

Tel: +852 2555 8321

An exclusive club that offers a selection of restaurants, leisure facilities and member activities.


American Club

Address: 28 Tai Tam Road, Tai Tam

Tel: +852 2842 7400

Another prestigious club where members can meet other expats for social, business and recreational activities. 


Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club

Address: 139 Tai Au Mun Road, Clearwater Bay

Tel: +852 2335 3700

A private club open to all nationalities, and providing a wide range of facilities. Expats who love sports will be spoilt for choice.


Foreign Correspondents’ Club

Address: North Block, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central

Tel: +852 2521 1511

This club is popular with the diplomatic, media and business community. A good venue for meet-ups. 


Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club

Address: 1 Castle Peak Road, Castle Peak Bay

Tel: +852 2404 2222

Home to an array of social programmes and dining facilities, the club boasts a unique combination of architecture and design. 


Hong Kong Club

Address: 1 Jackson Road, Central

Tel: +852 2978 9500

With an elite clientele, the club has extensive facilities to suit all needs.


Hong Kong Cricket Club

Address: 137 Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, Tai Tam

Tel: +852 3511 8668

Boasting a rich history, this club offers members numerous sporting facilities and activities. 


Hong Kong Country Club

Address: 188 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Deep Water Bay

Tel: +852 2870 6500

Located close to the city, the club offers a respite for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 


Hong Kong Football Club

Address: 3 Sports Road, Happy Valley

Tel: +852 2830 9500

The club, offering more than just football, allows members to access superb facilities for competitive and recreational sports. 


Hong Kong Jockey Club

Address: 48 Shan Kwong Road, Happy Valley

Tel: +852 2966 1333

The exclusive Jockey Club offers expats a wide range of activities from horse riding to tennis, squash and childrens' play areas.


Ladies' Recreation Club

Address: 10 Old Peak Road, Mid-Levels

Tel: +852 3199 3500

A family-orientated club open to women and men, it offers sporting, recreational and dining facilities. 


 Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club 

Address: Hung Hing Road, Kellett Island

Tel: +852 2832 2817

One of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in Hong Kong, this club offers facilities for rowing and sailing.


United Services Recreation Club

Address: 1 Gascoigne Road, Yau Ma Tei

Tel: +852 2367 0672

With its understated decor and military legacy, the club offers numerous facilities for sport and recreation.