Frequently Asked Questions about Hong Kong

What language do people speak in Hong Kong?

The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English. While Mandarin is becoming popular for business purposes,  the majority of people in Hong Kong speak Cantonese.

Is it worth learning Cantonese?

Learning a few key phrases might be helpful, but unless wanting to learn it on a more fluent level for personal reasons, expats can get by easily without it as English is widely spoken in Hong Kong. On the other hand, expats looking for a job in Hong Kong will find that speaking fluent Cantonese will put them above other applicants.

Can I find work in Hong Kong once I arrive?

Due to the visa system in Hong Kong, expats will need to secure a job before they arrive. Unless an applicant can speak Cantonese or Mandarin, jobs in Hong Kong are limited. Most expats are relocated from their position back home to middle or upper management positions in large, international companies. Otherwise, English-speaking expats will be limited to teaching or low-paying hospitality positions. 

Can I hire domestic help? 

Domestic services are very common in Hong Kong, and many households hire a live-in domestic helper. It is quite commonplace to hire a domestic helper from a foreign country, but there are numerous labour laws to abide by when doing so. 

Do I need a car in Hong Kong?

Although many people own cars in Hong Kong, it is considered a luxury due to the price of petrol, storage and upkeep. Hong Kong has a reliable public transportation system with trains, buses and ferries that can get residents anywhere they need to go quickly. Taxis are metered and surprisingly affordable.

What's the best way to buy property or rent in Hong Kong?

With the region being so small and dense, property in Hong Kong is a hot commodity. Most expats will go through an agent to find a place, but do be aware that there are steep agency fees.

Do expats need to pay taxes in Hong Kong?

Yes, but taxes will generally be much lower than in their home country.

How good are doctors in Hong Kong? Is healthcare affordable?

Public hospitals and clinics are very affordable for those who possess a valid Hong Kong ID card. Many of the region's local doctors have studied overseas. Treatment is of a high quality, but expats should check to see the languages spoken before they book an appointment. Expats may prefer to use the private sector, not because the treatment is of a higher quality, but for its reduced waiting times.

What is the weather like in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is subtropical and has hot, humid summers. Frequent rains during this season add to the humidity.  Winters are, however, cool and dry. March and April are arguably the best time of year in Hong Kong. For more in-depth information, see Weather in Hong Kong.

How can I stay connected in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has one of the fastest Internet connections in the world, so keeping in touch with those back home is easy. There are also various English TV channels and daily English newspapers. 

Where can I meet other expats?

Hong Kong's allure as an international destination has cultivated a substantial expat population. Different communities, often organised by nationality, host all sorts of events, meetings and nights out. The best way to find these is through the consulate of one's home country, or on social media sites.

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