Shipping and Removals in Mumbai

The city has a busy port with a number of competing moving and relocation companies offering competitive price quotes for expats shipping to Mumbai. It is a good idea to get prices from a few different companies as rates can vary quite a bit.

Movers can completely pack up a house, ship the contents to Mumbai, and unpack the contents; although, many people only hire companies for the shipping.

For expensive shipped items, it is a good idea to buy insurance and to do so from a company other than the one used for shipping.

Expats relocating to India are allowed to import a certain amount of their household goods duty-free. Pets are allowed to be relocated to India as well, if they have current vaccinations and rabies shots. 

Much of the expat accommodation in Mumbai is already furnished and buying furniture is not too expensive, as long as one buys from cheap local dealers and markets. It is often less pricey than shipping furniture from overseas. Airfreight should be considered for smaller amounts of cargo although it is more expensive.