Expat Experiences in Hong Kong

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When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories and experiences from other expats who have lived there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in Hong Kong and would like to share your story.

British expat Lindsey first started blogging as a trailing spouse and mother in the city of Mumbai, India. She has since moved to Hong Kong - and shares her incredibly entertaining insights into expat life in this bustling city through her blog, MaximumCityMadam in Hong Kong. Read about her expat experiences in Hong Kong.
Kate McDonnell is an Australian expat who has been living in Hong Kong with her husband since 2011. They are busy setting up an orientations company to help new expats find their way in the SAR. She talks to us about noisy streets, cheques and a cable car to Buddha. Read about her expat experience in Hong Kong. Kate McDonnell is an Australian expat living in Hong Kong

Alison Massey is a UK expat living in Hong Kong. She moved with her husband and baby son to set up a new business, New Health International, which is now thriving. Having relocated around four years ago, she says the time has flown and that she can't imagine life anywhere else. Read about her expat experience in Hong Kong.

Alison is a UK expat in Hong Kong
Lisa Harvey is an American expat who has lived with her family in Hong Kong since 2011. Originally a trailing spouse who chose stepping on Lego over climbing the corporate ladder, she is an editor at TrifectaWritingChallenge.com and runs her own business. Read more about her expat experiences in Hong Kong. Lisa Harvey is an American expat in Hong Kong
Beth Williams is an American expat living in Hong Kong. She moved there with her fiancé, who is originally from Hong Kong. Now working as an English teacher, Beth enjoys the quality of life in Hong Kong and all it has to offer, from the beaches and mountains, to the numerous events and festivals taking place every weekend. Read more about her expat experience in Hong Kong. Beth Williams is an American expat in Hong Kong
Raymond Hee is a thrill-seeking medical doctor from Malaysia, living a fun-filled expat life in Hong Kong. He works as a trainer for a large pharmaceutical company but finds enough time to run marathons, do triathlons, and pursue other extreme sports. Get Ray's insights into expat life in Hong Kong here.
Elmer W Cagape is from the Philippines but moved to Hong Kong nine years ago to pursue a career with a large telecoms company. Here he met and married his wife. Elmer loves the vibrant, safe and efficient lifestyle of Hong Kong. Read more about Elmer's expat experience in Hong Kong.

Leslie Nasr, an American expat formerly living in Hong Kong, is no stranger to relocation; in fact, she's making a living from it. She's moved 16 times; is fluent in Arabic, French, English and Portuguese; and is the author of the "Living In Series"™, a collection of destination guides aimed at alleviating the stress expats go through when uprooting and changing homes. Find out what insight Leslie has to share about life in Hong Kong. Leslie - an American living in Hong Kong
Gillian Chu, a third culture kid raised in Canada, made the move to her homeland of Hong Kong five years ago, and is still enamoured with the cultural intricacies of the land. She's an admitted fashionista, and there's hardly an event on in Hong Kong that she doesn't know about or hasn't blogged about. Check out what she has to say about Hong Kong in her interview. Gillian - a repat living in Hong Kong

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