Lifestyle in Hong Kong

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Lan Kwai Fung - Hong Kong
The expat lifestyle in Hong Kong really can be summed up in a phrase that's all too often used when speaking about the world’s biggest cities – “work hard, play hard”.

Nearly everybody does and, in a place that thrives on perpetuating and amplifying its bustling urban energy, there are always restaurants to dine in, bars to drink in, clubs to dance in and attractions to enjoy.

People in Hong Kong often live their social lives with the same speed and efficiency expected of them in the working world. After long, demanding days at the office, locals and foreigners alike have a bewildering array of opportunities to enjoy ostentatious luxury or to absorb the city’s natural splendour and cultural allure.

With the Asian financial capital's reputation for attracting wealthy foreigners who enjoy the perks of lucrative salaries, country clubs and glamorous homes, there are many options for expatriates lucky enough to live a life of luxury. That said, with high-paying packages becoming less common, expats with more realistic payslips will still have access to a lifestyle that can leave them fit, entertained and culturally stimulated.

It isn't always necessary to pay top dollar. Although the nightlife and shopping options aimed at expats will be more expensive, there’s also an endless supply of reasonably priced equivalents to suit any budget. The sub-tropical city also offers a range of outdoor activities to foreign arrivals with a sense of adventure, from hiking trails to beaches and barbecue areas. 

Shopping in Hong Kong

One of the world’s shopping capitals, Hong Kong boasts tax-free status on everything besides alcohol and tobacco. With such a competitive market, shoppers are guaranteed to find high quality goods at even better prices. Expats can cost-effectively stock up their homes with the latest in electronic gadgets, scour local markets for fresh produce and find bargains on antiques and fabrics. 

Nightlife in Hong Kong

For those who enjoy a big night out and a good party, there's plenty to find behind the city's neon lights and larger-than-life signs. Expats will most likely walk the cobbled streets of Lan Kwai Fong, moving between trendy restaurants and vibrant clubs between the glass and steel of the Central District. There are more than 100 establishments in the area, and there's usually a sea of foreign faces in search of fun on any given evening.
Just around two miles (3km) to the east is the Wan Chai area. Less popular, more notorious, its reputation stems from being a port of call for sailors who used to engage in a bit of raunchy recuperation. There's also a range of British-style bars, after-work watering holes and live music venues.

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