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moving to dublinFor years Dublin was a peripheral European centre, a quaint backwater of sluggish industry and good alcohol. Expats moving to Ireland came for the charm of the Irish and the appeal of living in a green city, certainly not in the name of career development or lucrative salary packages.

To the surprise of many, the metropolis witnessed an economic boom in the years just prior to the recession, and the property market exploded. Yet Dublin's successes didn't last and recently the city has returned to something in the middle of both its productive and despairing pasts.
Remnants of Dublin’s brief gilded age still exist, including many construction developments - some unfinished, others that house the offices of international companies. Ireland's strong ties to the USA's economy made Dublin akin to a frontier trading post to the rest of Europe.

These days its substantial IT industry, backed by large international companies, continues to draw expats to work in Dublin from both the US and the rest of Europe.

In a country not adverse to hardships, Dublin has its share. The cost of living remains high, although prices have become more reasonable since the height of the 'Celtic Tiger's’ expansive growth. Furthermore, expat salaries usually ensure a good quality of life despite the level of expenses.

Cramped living quarters can be difficult to adjust to and, except for expats from the UK, the grey weather can be dispiriting even though the city gets less rain than the rest of Ireland. However, in true Dublin fashion, most of the hardships of Dublin can be best beaten at the local pub.

Dublin today has transformed into a cosmopolitan city at the centre of the action, whether welcome or not. It has opened up as an international pivot point, but still retains a trodden Irish feel - clearly more comfortable with its hideaway restaurants and dingy pubs than with newer glitz and glam.

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