Weather in Bahrain

Expats planning on living in Bahrain may find one of the most difficult adjustments they'll have to make is acclimating to the high temperatures. Weather in Bahrain is marked by extreme heat and an uncomfortable humidity present throughout the year.

Sultry summer (April to October) temperatures average 40°C (100°F), and even winter weather (November to March) can be fairly warm, the mercury hovering between 10 and 20°C (50 and 68°F).

The archipelago is incredibly arid with only irregular short, heavy bursts of rainfall mainly between November and March. This period of time also bears witness to the shammal:, southeasterly winds that bring damp, humid air into the country.

Expats should be forewarned that the weather in Bahrain can cause heat exhaustion or heatstroke, especially for those foreigners not used to such high temperatures. It's best to stay indoors during the day's hottest hours and sunscreen is advised. Expats should also be sure to stay hydrated.