Essential Info for Spain

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The flag of the Kingdom of SpainOfficial name: Kingdom of Spain

Population: About 47 million

Capital city: Madrid (and largest city)

Other major cities: Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza

Neighbouring countries: Spain shares borders with Portugal to the east and France to the north. To the south, across the Strait of Gibraltar is Morocco, while Algeria is to the southeast.

Geography: Spain occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula in southeastern Europe, and is the second largest country in Western Europe by geographical size. It also occupies a number of islands in the Mediterannean and the Atlantic Ocean. Spain's terrain is varied, ranging from sandy beaches to flat desert-like areas and high mountain ranges. Most of the country's borders are occupied by sea, with the Pyranees Mountains forming a natural frontier with the rest of Europe. 

Political system: Parliamentary constitutional republic

Main languages: Spanish (known as Castilian) is the official language, and there are several regional co-official languages such as Catalan. English is widely spoken and understood.

Major religions: Catholicism is by far the most dominant religion in the country. At the same time, Spain is a secular state that guarantees freedom of religion.

Money: The Euro (EUR), which is divided into 100 cents. A Spanish tax identification number is needed to open a local bank account. ATMs are widely available and usually accept foreign cards.

Time: GMT +1 (GMT+2 from the end of March to the end of October)

Electricity: 230 volts, 50Hz. Standard Spanish plugs are European two-pins.

Internet domain: .es

International dialling code: +34. There are city and area codes used internally, such as (0)93 for Barcelona and (0)91 for Madrid.

Emergency numbers: 112 (the European emergency number), 061 (health emergencies) or 091 (police)

Transport and driving: Cars drive on the right. Roads are usually in good condition. Drivers are required to flash their lights before overtaking another vehicle.

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