Safety in Switzerland

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There are hardly any issues around safety in Switzerland. The chances are expats will be safer here than they were back in their home country. In fact, the historically neutral country is known for its low crime rates and cleanliness.

Crime in Switzerland

Switzerland has less violent and non-violent crime than most other countries, and there's never been a major incident of terrorism within its borders.

Locals might feel safe enough to send their children to the corner shop unattended, but petty crime does occur. Expats should still take basic precautions such as locking their doors and windows when going out, and keeping valuables out of sight in public places - especially at bus and train stations, tourist centres and airports.

Weather in Switzerland

It may seem strange but the weather in Switzerland does pose certain safety issues for the population. The weather is constantly changing and this is something that those planning on doing outdoor activities should particularly keep an eye on. Flooding, landslides and avalanches can occur in parts on the country. 

Expats venturing to remote locations should be sure to take adequate safety precautions. Often accidents are made worse by poor preparation. Never venture out on an adventure in the mountains alone, instead opt to travel in groups. Be sure to have the right equipment and inform others about travel plans. 


Emergency numbers in Switzerland

There are several emergency numbers in Switzerland:

  • General emergencies - 112
  • Police - 117
  • Fire service - 118
  • Ambulance - 144

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