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on 23 Jan 2013
Hi expats,

I am being relocated with my family to Geneva next month for work. I will be required to travel regularly from Geneva to Zurich, as well as other cities in Switzerland. Can anyone advice me on how best to make these journeys ? Is is better to fly or use trains ?

Also, I want to know if it is worth purchasing a car? I enjoy driving and I hear that there are some amazing opportunities for road trips in Switzerland. I will probably mostly be using a car for travelling with the family during the holidays rather than commuting when I am at the Geneva office.

Let me know your thoughts. It would be much appreciated.


Shantalie on 24 Jan 2013
Hi Jonny,

You are in luck when it comes to transport in Switzerland. The countrys rail network is superb - trains are a really reliable and efficient way to travel between Zurich and Geneva.

There is the option to fly, however most people opt to use the trains. National public transport in Switzerland is on the expensive side. However, for expats who planning on travelling around the country the Half-Fare card is a great way to make savings on intercity bus and train journeys. 

Switzerland has some beautiful driving routes. Road conditions and signage are also of an excellent standard. However you'll need to pay CHF 40 for a vignette which will give you access to the county's motorways.

Also, it is important to be aware that driving in Switzerland during the winter can be treacherous and certain precautions will need to be taken.

So while it is not necessary to have a car for commuting in Geneva, it could be useful if you plan to travel at weekends or for vacations.

For more information read the newly updated Transport and Driving in Switzerland page.

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