Accommodation in Nairobi

When searching for accommodation in Nairobi, expats will need to keep a number of things in mind. Whether planning to live in the suburbs in a freestanding house with its own garden, in a townhouse that forms part of a complex, or in an apartment, considerations such as budget, commute time, and security should be at the forefront of the decision-making process. 

Types of accommodation in Nairobi

In the city centre, most accommodation is in the form of apartments. The further outside of the city centre one moves, the more spacious living arrangements become. One can find standalone houses on large plots. There are also complexes primarily made up of townhouses and semi-detached houses.

Finding accommodation in Nairobi

Expats should start looking for property in Nairobi using online portals as this will help in familiarising oneself with the different neighbourhoods, types of accommodation and price ranges available. Property listings in local newspapers are also a good source, as are noticeboards in upmarket malls.

There are plenty of real estate and relocation agents in Nairobi that can help organise accommodation, and many specialise in a particular geographical area.

Renting accommodation in Nairobi

Leases are typically a year long, with a deposit of one to three months' of rent required. Utilities are not usually included in the rental price, and are an extra expense for the tenant.

Additionally, security costs will need to be considered. In complexes or apartment buildings, security costs may be bundled in with the rental cost or may be shared between residents. If living in a standalone house, expats will need to make their own security arrangements – 24-hour guard services, which many local security companies offer, are highly recommended. Again, this is an extra cost that expats will need to budget for.

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