Education and Schools in Nairobi

Kenya is one of the most popular expat destinations in Africa. Many of those who relocate to Kenya do so with children and for these expats, finding a good school is a priority. However, expats living in Kenya will find their options are limited when it comes to schools for their children.

Many public schools in Nairobi are underfunded and poorly resourced, although those within cities are generally of a better standard. Still, private schools hold more promise, especially for expat students from the UK, as the academic system is similar to the British national curriculum. However, for the majority of expats moving to Kenya, the best option is one of the international schools in Nairobi as this causes the least disruption to the child’s studies, allowing them to continue with a familiar curriculum. 

International schools in Nairobi

Nairobi is a big city with a wide variety of international schools that serve a large and diverse expat population. Due to the many options, expat parents must do their research before deciding which school is right for their child.

Most international schools accept new students year-round but it should be noted that some schools have a waiting list and there is no guarantee of acceptance. Therefore, it's best to start the application process as early as possible, especially if there is a strong preference for a particular school.

The major downside of international schools in Nairobi is the hefty tuition that expat parents will need to pay. Fees differ according to the school, age of the child and curriculum offered. Expats moving to Nairobi for work should try to negotiate the inclusion of an education allowance in their relocation package.

Zeynep Vural. Our Expat Expert

I have relocated to Kenya in 2012 with my husband and two kids. Enjoying the beautiful weather and laid back lifestyle here in Kenya.  After working for big corporations, decided to become a life coach and started my practice recently. I am also a blogger, who loves to write and read. 

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