Due to its advanced urbanisation and development in comparison to the rest of the country, most expats live in the capital, Phnom Penh. Prices for accommodation range significantly, depending on the area.

Types of accommodation in Cambodia

The two main types of accommodation for expats in Cambodia are non-serviced apartments and serviced apartments, though villas are also available.

With non-serviced apartments, expats are typically required to pay for all costs associated with the apartment. Because of the demand for accommodation, though, some non-serviced apartments have begun to include perks such as internet, cable, water, and cleaning in the monthly rental rate. However, electricity is almost never included as a part of the monthly rate.

The cost of rent in serviced apartments is all-inclusive and they come fully furnished. They're also often in better-maintained buildings with more luxurious amenities and modern fixtures.

Finding accommodation in Cambodia

The internet is always a good option for finding accommodation in Cambodia. For those looking to live in the capital, Phnom Penh Post is a useful English resource.

Other useful sites include Cambodia Angkor Real Estate, Real Estate Cambodia and Rooftop Asia.

Renting accommodation in Cambodia

A tenancy agreement requires a number of documents, including a copy of one’s passport, visa and a letter from an employer. Typically a deposit of one to three months’ rent is required. Leases tend to be a minimum of two months, but it is common to arrange for a period of 12 months. Expats who move into a serviced apartment must make sure the full inventory is included in the lease agreement.

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