Healthcare in Shanghai

Expats tend to avoid the often inconsistent public healthcare in Shanghai and rather opt for the city's private hospitals and clinics. Fortunately, there are many of these and they often subscribe to high standards of care.

Doctors in private hospitals often speak English and many are expats themselves. There are also medical clinics that combine both Western and Eastern practices.

It's important to have medical insurance while in Shanghai to cover the costs of the pricier private clinics. This is often included in relocation packages, but expats should carefully check what their policy covers, including dental and optical procedures.

Although it's certainly recommended expats utilise private medical services, most of the local population uses public services and still have an incredibly high life expectancy.

Hospitals in Shanghai

American Medical Center
Address: Building 1 East, 888 Tianlin Road, Minhang

Global Healthcare Medical and Dental

Address: 1788 NanJing West Road, Jing An

Parkway Health

Address: 997 Bi Yun Road, Jinqiao

Shanghai East International Medical Center

Address: Corner South Pudong Road and Pudong Avenue, Dongcheng

Expat Health Insurance


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