As the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, Prague offers a rich historic setting against an incredible background of mesmerising cultural offerings, making moving to Prague a popular choice for expats from all walks.

The City of a Hundred Spires is home to a little over 1.3 million inhabitants, of whom a significant proportion are foreigners – the majority being Ukrainian, Slovakian and Vietnamese. The city is a blend of old and modern, reflected in the architecture, culture and the city's distinctive Bohemian flair.

Living in Prague as an expat

The city serves as the headquarters for many international companies, and Prague's service industry plays a vital role in the economy. The most common sectors for expats to work in include financial services, education, information technology, trade and hospitality. The job market is fairly competitive, and Prague boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.

Accommodation is varied in Prague, and expats will have sundry options to suit their needs, lifestyle and budget. The transport system is also comprehensive and reliable, so expats will have no problem getting around the city. What's more, should expats want to explore more of Europe, it's easy to hop over to neighbouring countries like Germany and Austria.

Often referred to as the 'cultural centre of Europe', Prague boasts a lifestyle like no other, with many famous attractionsevents and festivals for expats to explore. Beer lovers will be spoilt for choice in Prague, as beer drinking is taken seriously, making the social scene quite lively.

Cost of living in Prague

Although Prague is considered to have a relatively low cost of living, prices are on the rise and are catching up to other European countries. Accommodation, in particular, is becoming as expensive as the rest of Europe, which is largely driven by an influx of foreigners looking to call Prague home. That said, expats will find groceries and transport far cheaper in the Czech capital than elsewhere in Europe. 

Families and children in Prague

Prague offers a high standard of education in public, private and international schools in the city. While state healthcare in Prague is subsidised by health insurance contributions, public schooling is free for legal citizens and EU nationals. 

That said, the language of instruction at these schools is Czech, and many expats therefore opt to send their children to international or bilingual private schools. There is a wide range of these schools in Prague, but they are hugely expensive, so expats must consider the costs involved when choosing a school for their children. 

In terms of weekend activities, parents will always have something to do to keep their little ones and teens entertained. Prague offers many green spaces, a walkable city centre and family-friendly attractions such as Prague Zoo, Prague Castle and the Museum of Senses. 

Climate in Prague 

Prague has a moderately continental climate, with cold winters and relatively warm summers. Expats will discover the colder months to be harsh at times, with temperatures often below freezing. As the city warms up, however, expats can spend plenty of time outdoors at one of the city's many parks. 

Expats who try to learn the language will find the locals welcoming and helpful and also enjoy an easier integration into the city. With so much on offer, those moving to Prague are sure to enjoy their stay in this unique and historical city.

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