Situated along the serene waters of the Lemene River in northeastern Italy, Concordia Sagittaria is a picturesque and historic commune packed with beautiful architecture and well-preserved ruins. Expats moving to Concordia will experience a high quality of life thanks to the slower pace associated with small-town living. 

With a population of just 10,000, Concordia is home to tight-knit communities deeply rooted in the town's historic ways of life. Still, expats can expect to be welcomed by friendly locals. That said, many locals in Concordia do not speak English. To fully immerse yourself in the community, we recommend having a working knowledge of Italian.

Cost of living in Concordia 

The cost of living in Concordia is much gentler than in major Italian cities such as Milan and Rome. As Concordia is a tourist area, the availability and cost of accommodation will depend on the season. During the low season, finding furnished and unfurnished rentals at affordable prices is possible.

Transport costs in Concordia can be minimal, though this varies from person to person. Most locals cycle or walk to get around Concordia, but a car may be necessary if you work outside the town. Although owning a vehicle can make exploring areas further afield infinitely easier, expats must consider gas, tolls, parking, and vehicle maintenance costs over and above the initial purchasing price.

Read Cost of Living in Italy to learn more about living costs in the country.

Getting around in Concordia 

Concordia is pedestrian friendly with easily accessible public transport, making getting around the town a breeze. AVTO manages public transport, providing a reliable bus service that connects Portogruaro and Concordia to the beachside resort town of Carorle.

Services are typically an hour apart in winter, with more frequent stops in summer. ATVO has a train line from the Portogruaro train station to Venice for those looking to explore broader Venezia. Residents can also quickly get around by car with quick access to the A4 autostrada between Venice and Trieste.  

Scooters (Vespas) and bicycles are quintessentially Italian, so this will likely be the simplest way to travel around the town. Concordia is perhaps best explored on foot, and expats will love strolling through the pedestrianised town centre and taking in the stunning Limene River views on the footpath to Portogruaro.

See Transport and Driving in Italy for more on the country's public transport and road infrastructure. 

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Healthcare in Concordia 

The healthcare infrastructure in Concordia is limited, as the commune is fairly rural. Despite possible challenges in finding English-speaking doctors, expats will still receive good care.  

Local healthcare in Concordia is underpinned by patient-centred care, with several family health physicians and paediatricians caring for minor ailments and illnesses. Concordia Sagittaria is also home to a few hospitals offering urgent care and emergency medicine services. We recommend visiting hospitals in Venice, Milan or Rome for elective and complex procedures.  

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Schools in Concordia 

Concordia offers an exciting variety of schooling options. Thanks to Concordia's proximity to Venice, expats can easily access the city's renowned higher education options. Public schools in Concordia are free to attend, even for expats, but the primary language of instruction is Italian.  

This may pose a challenge for older expat children, but younger ones may benefit from learning Italian, allowing them to better integrate into the local culture. Concordia is home to nine schools, with five pre-schools, three primary schools, one lower secondary school, and one high school.  

Although a bit further out, the International School of Trieste offers expat children a truly international environment where more than 20 nationalities are represented in the student body. The school offers the American curriculum, with all programmes, except Italian, World Languages, and Latin, taught in English. For more international school options, parents are encouraged to research and visit the schools in Venice. H-Farm International School in Venice is one of a few IB World schools in the province of Venezia. 

While public schools are legally obligated to provide inclusive education for children with special educational needs, these services may be lacking in smaller communes such as Concordia Sagittaria. Parents of children with special educational needs are encouraged to send them to international schools in Venice or other major cities, like Milan or Rome, where these schools will take the utmost care to meet their needs.  

Read Education and Schools in Italy to learn about the national education system. 

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Weather in Concordia 

The weather in Concordia is governed by its subtropical climate, with warm and humid summers and cold winters. From June to September, summer is the most pleasant time of year, when average temperatures peak at 76°F (24°C).  

January is the coldest month of the year in Concordia, and temperatures can reach lows of 32°F (0°C). During this time, snow often makes landfall, so expats are encouraged to pack their coats and fuzzy socks.  

See Weather in Italy for more national weather patterns.

Working in Concordia 

From its humble beginnings as an arrow-making and agriculture hub, Concordia has continued evolving into a vibrant and innovative industrial centre. Although job opportunities in the commune are limited, expats with skills in the construction and engineering sectors may find it easier to gain employment.  

Salaries in Concordia are less lucrative than some expats may expect, so this is something to keep in mind. The commune is a popular spot for expats who work remotely for international companies or choose to live in Concordia and work in Venice as a peaceful escape from city life.

As the commune attracts a fair few tourists who stop in the town on their way to Venice, opportunities are also available in the hospitality and service industries. That said, most jobs will require employees to be fluent in Italian, which may make it challenging for those who need more language skills to find a job.

Working in Italy has more on the national job landscape.

Accommodation in Concordia 

Concordia boasts a diverse range of accommodation options, many with beautiful features of Roman architecture. The historic town centre has also seen a revitalisation, with new apartment buildings popping up. Apartments outside the historic centre are rare, though, and most of the housing in Concordia is in the form of detached, single-family homes and villas.  

Expats moving from larger cities may be surprised to find that Concordia's suburbs are less sprawling than they are used to. While this may mean fewer options, it also makes getting around efficient. Those looking to buy property in Italy should be aware of the country's notorious bureaucracy, which can make purchasing a home challenging for newcomers. Nevertheless, homes in Concordia are significantly more affordable than in Venice or Milan.

Young and single expats will love the convenience of the historic centre, where they will find many restaurants and shops. Residential suburbs such as Via Del Boschet and Romolo Candiani often entice families. Situated near the historical centre, Romolo Candiani features large houses with charming architecture offering convenient access to the town's schools. For expat families looking for more modern housing options, Via del Boschet is the perfect family-friendly neighbourhood. Newcomers seeking more luxury properties with scenic views should consider the riverside areas.

Accommodation in Italy provides comprehensive information on rental processes across the country.

Lifestyle in Concordia 

History buffs, archaeology enthusiasts, gourmands, and outdoor enthusiasts will relish their time in the commune. Despite its small size and reputation as a primarily historic town, Concordia caters to a vibrant mix of tastes. It's also easy to explore the rest of Italy's Venetian islands, as the commune is part of the scenic route to Venice.  

Formerly known as Concordia Lulia, Concordia is a Roman site with a history spanning from 42 BC. History lovers can marvel at the breathtaking cathedral, Cattedrale di Santo Stefano Protomartire, and the Romanesque baptistery known for their significant roles in popularising Christianity in Italy.  

Established at the convergence of two roads, the Via Anna and Via Postumia, Concordia was once a strategic base for the Romans. Today, it's home to a precious archaeological site where newly arrived residents can learn about how the ancient Romans lived.  

Like much of Italy, Concordia is a haven for food lovers. Expats will find many of the commune's exquisite eateries and cafés offering authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in the historic town centre. Although it's off the beaten track, Concordia is a hidden gem that doesn't disappoint when it comes to Asian cuisine. 

Newcomers looking for more international cuisine are encouraged to hop over to nearby Portgruaro for a more comprehensive selection of eateries. Wine aficionados moving to Concordia are in luck, since the town is a short drive from several vineyards offering some of the world's best fare.  

Water and beachside activities are the order of the day in Concordia, with more than 15 beaches located within 17 miles (30 km) of the commune. Boat tours are also an excellent way to get to know your new hometown, while cycling on Concordia's flat terrain is another fantastic way. 

To top it off, Concordia boasts a diverse range of unique bird species, making it a prime location for birdwatching. Finally, nature lovers can explore the tranquil meadows, serene riverbanks, and lush forests on scenic walks or hikes along the Italian countryside.  

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