Working in Geneva

Expats working in Geneva will likely find themselves surrounded by people in a similar situation – the picturesque city is filled with foreign workers from every corner of the globe.

Job market in Geneva

There is a range of industries which form Geneva's economy. The primary employers in Geneva include major corporations like DHL, Cargill International, Ernst and Young and CarreFour World Trade. 

The UN and its respective agencies and missions are prominent employers too. NGOs like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Transparency International have a strong presence in the city, as do media organisations like the Swiss Press Agency and CSR Newswire.

Geneva is one of the foremost financial centres in the world and those with experience in banking, finance and international trade will find good opportunities here. There are also more than 100 banks based in Geneva and a strong financial services sector.

The city also has a strong service-oriented economy - tourism and the hotel industry are major employers. These industries generate a significant share of the region's wealth. 

Finding a job in Geneva

The majority of expats hired to work in Geneva are recruited into high-level positions and, as such, they are either headhunted or transferred from offices of the same company elsewhere in the world. 

Those who wish to move to Geneva but don't yet have a secure job offer should consult local publications and various online job portals. 

Work culture in Geneva

The city's work culture is formal and task-focused – despite its international character, the Swiss are known for being punctual and disciplined in their business dealings. While it is not always necessary, the ability to speak French will certainly be advantageous when it comes to working in Geneva, as this is the predominant language of the city.

Expats working in Geneva must ensure that they have the correct documentation and visa for Switzerland

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