Accommodation in Libya

Accommodation in Libya for expats has evolved over the years as demand has increased. Now, many more options for fancy facilities or modern villas exist within the major cities of Tripoli and Janzour.

Most housing contracts in Libya are for six months and above, though one-year leases are preferred. Home owners also appreciate payment of the entire contract in advance, but there are possibilities to negotiate alternative payment plans.

Furnished options are also available.

It's helpful to enlist the aid of an agent to find accommodation in Libya, especially if one cannot speak Arabic or French. Typically, an agent’s commission is the equivalent of one month's rent on a one-year lease, and half a month's rent on a six-month lease.

Accommodation in Libya organised by a company

Many companies in Libya will reserve units in large residential complexes for professional expats. These come complete with luxury apartments and villas, as well as a number of facilities like supermarkets, banks, laundromats, clinics, beauty salons and even car rental services. In some cases, the complexes will boast a private beach or even piazzas, perfect sites for social gatherings.

These communities can be extremely insular, but many expats prefer this portion of their life to be organised in such a way. Expats also appreciate living close to those that originate from similar areas of the world to themselves, as they can identify more easily with each other's priorities and ambitions.

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